MOT IN SPAIN OFFER - ROUND TRIP TO UK INC MOT TEST £654, the shipper and co-ordinator is MrMotorMover

A class 1 HGV ten car transporter will ship your car to the United Kingdom for an MoT, then transport your car to Spain.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Mot Law Spain-ITV

A Spanish ITV has no meaning on a British registered car, zero. Spanish police are impounding ex pat vehicles daily.

Times have changed, an ITV was unofficially accepted until 2012, as long as you had insurance

If you get the grua / impounded we can easily rescue your car from every secenario except no Mot. Although a minor offence, i.e no MoT , for vehicle release it is the most challanging.

How is this service so cheap

We use down time space on our LOHRs 10 car transporters to enable this fantastically low price, your car may be away for two weeks. We do an express 8 day guaranteed service for £1000

For obvious reasons no £640 Mot runs in high season ie July to mid September, as we are full of premium loads.

What if my car fails the MoT

Car repairs are cheaper in spain, we have trusted garage facillities in Spain that will do a pre pre-mot check for just 30 euros, there is no obligation to undertake this. This way we achieve a very high pass rate. The only fails should then be brake in-balance which only a rolling road will detect.

The UK garage is very fair when pricing adjustments and rectifications. We are a valued client, and get treated as such.

Driving a UK registered car in Spain

1] It must have UK road tax displayed.

2] It must have a current UK MoT.

3] It must have insurance, this can be issued from a UK company, a Gib company or a specialist Spanish company. Spain and mainland Europe.

4] V5 log book or certified copy.

5] Valid Driving licence and a certified copy of your passport.

Keep all documents available

Registering my car in Spain

if you are resident in Spain you cannot drive a foreign plated car

Residency / fiscal recidencia is when your main residence and tax affairs are registered in Spain. Then you have 6 months to register your car, and further more just like a Spanish national you cannot drive a foreign plated car.

Driving Laws Spain

Proabably the most useful website you will find. Just following the guide on how to use a Spanish roundabout, correct lane usage, could avoid an accident or worse. Ten minutes reading "The driving laws in Spain", can save you a fortune in fines or even spare having your car towed. Instructions of what to do should things go wrong. All clearly written and ready to print on a single A4 page. Totally free. Visit Driving Laws Spain

Collecting your vehicle from the Spanish Police compound

We can assist in the release of your car from council and Police compounds. Emergency number 6471 46421

Towing fines, Cerca 160 Euros for 5 minutes up to 3 days, then daily storage accrues.

Impounded - Parking

If you find the little yellow sticker on the kerb or lamp post you have been towed

In theory, go to the compound, pay the parking fine and you are out. Cerca 160 Euros for 5 minutes up to 3 days

However a lot are manned by police, a wrong answer and your car is staying there. Read the Police questions section and Driving a UK registered car in Spain sections first.

Impounded- No MoT

Do not drive without an MoT in Spain

To release your vehicle you need to be legal i.e MoT , road tax, Insurance and sober with a valid drivers licence. You need your car out to get an MoT, the police will not release your car without an MoT. Contact us we may be able to mitigate your loss. However, no MoT is the worse impound scenario.

Impounded - No insurance Tax Licence DD

Spanish police have impounded your car for :- No road tax - No car insurance - Drink driving - Invalid licence -

We can assist you in getting your car released. As storage mounts up this needs to be dealt with quickly. First we will assist in obtaining the correct paperwork before we can extract your car. Admit to having a car here more than six months, heap big trouble, but we can still help.

Police Questions and Answers

Q How long has the car been in Spain? Acceptable - I drove down from (e.g France) 3 weeks ago.

Q We have seen your car here before? Acceptable - We visit Spain a few times a year but live in the UK.

Q But you have an NIE number. Acceptable - for my mobile phone, I am not resident in Spain, I am a UK resident.

Keep dated proof, ferry ticket other EU reciepts: fuel, accomodation, meals.

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